Growing up surrounded by a creative family I felt perfectly comfortable doing my first oil at age seven.

Throughout school my focus was art and I continue to study with teachers I particularly admire, currently working toward the Botanical Art Certification at Filoli. This was after a lifetime of having numerous art studios in which I explored textile printing, manufacturing decorative folding screens, painting and silk screening. For many years my emphasis was ink and watercolor. Now I’m enjoying a deeper exploration into drawing and watercolors along with other forms or printmaking.

One moment I’m proud of in my art career was having a book cover I designed on exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

There was a time I had to curtail any wild ideas in using color and design and that was when I had my career as a permanent cosmetic technician tattooing cosmetics and scar camouflaging. This was very rewarding as I was able to work with colors all day as I helped people feel better about themselves.

Teaching is a natural for me as I love watching people learn to express themselves in new and exciting ways. It’s a joy to plan a curriculum that will assist my students in improving their skills as an artist.

So often we can have creative blocks or our inner critic tries to keep us from our goals. One negative thought can keep us from doing artwork for many years. Now I’m bringing my life coaching skills into the world of art by working with people as a creativity coach.

Every area of my life is involved in working with people develop their abilities and improving my own. I love to paint and draw because it’s a meditative process that helps me find my own inner peace.