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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

There are so many ways to bring magic and beauty into our lives and give a special experience to our friends.  One way I like to do this is with table settings.  I had an especially fun time developing my Christmas Eve table.

The theme is a sparkly, antique silver effect with a hint of white.   The moon reflecting on snow and icicles.  A mood of the late 1700’s up to today.  All lit by over a dozen candles to reflect off the many glittering surfaces.

For this setting I used a soft grey, raw silk fabric with a white, cotton organdy over that.  All of this was atop a burgundy, raw silk, floor length, gathered cloth that I had also made.  Every fabric I used I bought at Laura & Kiran in Berkeley were they are helpful and have a wonderful selection of Indian textiles.  Then silver beaded placemats that I happily found on sale a few months ago.  They are what stimulated this table design.

The water glasses are a collection of antique leaded glass and contemporary hand blown glass, though I had forgotten to put them all on the table as I use some as glasses for watercoloring in my painting studio!

Table setting detail

Table setting detail

The place cards are designed by the artist, Lauren McIntosh, that I added silver glitter to and they are sitting in place card holders from the shop, Tail of the Yak, in Berkeley.  I can’t remember where I found that fabulously enormous ornament used as the center piece.  Was it Tail of the Yak, also?  The reindeer are from Urban Nest, a shop that used to be on 24th Street in Noe Valley and has moved down the Peninsula.  The silverware is what I have inherited and purchased over the years.

This is the first time I have not had flowers on the table but because this is a Winter Wonderland theme there are no flowers to be found on this snowy, night table.

placecard copy
The Christmas crackers (some call them poppers) were made by Margaret Saydah and myself.  They are filled with chocolates, a paper hat and a couple of other surprises!

Cracker copy
I wish I could have had you all here!
Happy New Year!